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Wayflex Folding Stepper

Wayflex Folding Stepper

Wayflex is proud to launch a patented folding stepper which comes with a practical handlebar, so that you can train safely at home without losing your balance.

While stepping on the Wayflex Folding Stepper, you can target your entire lower body to train cardio and also tone your legs, buns and thighs. With the handlebar, you will be able to ensure your balance while stepping. To get a more effective workout result, you will just need to grap the resistance bands to perform a total body workout. You will be able to perform a variety of exercises with two resistance bands to target your entire upper body and midsection.

The Wayflex Folding Stepper is silent and no impact, so it is suitable for all ages. After use, you will be able to fold it away to make it become a super compact piece for storage. No more worries with the storage in your small house or apartment!

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