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Wayflex Suspension Resistance Trainer Introduction

Wayflex Suspension & Resistance Trainer

To evolve your functional training to the next level, we, Wayflex would like to introduce our new patented suspension resistance trainer to you. Wayflex suspension & resistance trainer is the most versatile and portable fitness tool in the market as it can supply you nearly 99% of exercises in just one small device. There is also no needs to purchase other fitness accessories.

Our Wayflex suspension/resistance trainer was the world's first suspension trainer integrated with interchangeable resistance bands. You can easily switch the training mode between suspension and resistance training workouts in a few seconds. The package already includes door anchor and adjustable anchor strap to set the device up anywhere you want at home or outdoors. If you would like to improve your functional training skill, Wayflex suspension/resistance trainer is your best choice ever!

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