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wayflex functional suspension trainer package
wayflex suspension trainer with elastic bands
wayflex suspension resistance trainer with resistance training
wayflex patented suspension/resistance trainer
wayflex suspension trainer with band resistance training
wayflex suspension & resistance trainer

You have seen lots of suspension trainers in the market, but have you seen any suspension resistance trainer? Wayflex Functional Training System is a combination of suspension device and resistance bands - a complete functional training device that supplies you, the trainer, numerous options in your session. Wayflex® Functional Training System is the world's first patented suspension  device combined with interchangeable resistance bands- meaning it is a hybrid that gives you all the benefits of resistance bands in a suspension system! It is a 4 dimensional functional movement-based training system designed to provide the ultimate workout. That means almost unlimited exercises and movements to build your functional strength, mobility and flexibility. It is the perfect combination of suspension based exercises combined with the new dynamic resistance based exercises all in one device.  This allows you to work the entire body, working exercises in combination.

Compared to traditional suspension device like trx suspension trainer, available exercise selection with Wayflex functional training system is tripled. Allowing you to move better, train harder, learn more and in the end become a better you! There is nothing to compare to the Wayflex® functional training system. It enables users to work on a variety of fitness levels with interchangeable bands and supplies the concept of being able to train anywhere and anytime no matter what fitness level you are. It is a gym in a bag that you can take anywhere and workout anytime and on any muscle group. Perfect for working out at home, or used in combination with a personal trainer who can show you how to maximize the benefits of using Wayflex® Functional Training System. 

The Wayflex suspension & resistance trainer comes with the door anchor and adjustable anchor strap. It is the best protable fitness tool that everyone could use it at home or outdoors. You can attach in between the door and frame at home, or find any anchor points and use the adjustable anchor strap to setup outdoors for workouts. If you are looking at functional training movements to improve your training skills and become a better you, the Wayflex suspension and resistance trainer is the only tool in the market that gives you an answer as it enables you to perform 99% of exercises anywhere and anytime you want! Wayflex® Functional Training System is the only tool needed to bring the functional training to the next level and make your exercise more flexible.

The Wayflex is the take anywhere, do anything training unit – perfect for those PTs that enjoy the minimalist approach to training and who advocate functional, relative strength. 


Use the adjustable anchor strap to wrap around the anchor point for setup. 

Always remember and make sure to insert the anchor strap through the back of the cam buckle as inserting through another side will not support any user's weight at all and could result in injury. 

Always do a weight test before any workouts to make sure the anchor strap and anchor point well supports user's weight.

Attach the door anchor on the anchor strap between the door and frame. It is recommended to attach and exercise on the side where the door opens away from you. 

Make sure you lock the door before any workout to ensure the safety. 

Always do a weight test before any workouts to make sure the anchor strap and anchor point well supports user's weight.


You can simply adjust the length of the device by pulling the adjustable anchor strap while or after setup - Just one step! And you do not need to check out if both sides of the strap is in the same length or not like using the traditional trx suspension trainer as they are always in the same length!

To lengthen and adjust the length of the device, you only need to press the cam buckle to release the strap.




Mobilizing is great way to warm up the body before training.


Unlike traditional trx suspension trainer, Wayflex Suspension Resistance Trainer comes with additional interchangeable bands for mobility. You can literally do everything with this portable piece!


Install carabiners on the handle and use your own body weight to perform suspension workout.

In suspension mode, the angle you have your body in  whilst training will accommodates variations in angles of movement, planes of motion, and exercise intensity. 


Detach carabiners from the handle and use resistance bands to perform resistance training.

The Wayflex Functional Training System is unique in that it incorporates 3 detachable, differently weighted resistance bands to accelerate your training. This flexible feature enables you to add numerous training options! 


You can perform stretch with suspension mode or resistance band. Unlimited selections to make you become a better you!

Once you have completed your workout, it is nice to finish off with a variety of stretches to keep your body supple for your next training session, and to improve your quality of movement in general life. 



The integration of suspension deviceand resistance bands brings your training to the next level. The unique 
patented invention enables you to perform unlimited exercises and movements to build your functional 
strength, mobility and flexibility.

With the unlock system, you could simply adjust the exercise mode for either suspension or band resistance training workouts back and forth to fit your needs in only few seconds- no complexity at all. The flexibility enables you to perform 99% of exercises with one complete device.

With just one piece of exercise device, you can virtually train every single muscle of your entire body anywhere. A complete package without extra accessories. Everything is included in the box – Door Anchor, Anchor Strap, Suspension Device, Six Resistance Bands, Handles, Exercise Manual, Workout Program, DVD and Carry Bag.


Wayflex Functional Training System enables you to perform hundreds of exercises no matter what fitness level you are. You can utilize the Wayflex to train hard for all athletics like yoga, pilates, boxing, MMA, football, soccer, golf, tennis, etc. It can be used also for rehabs. 

The Wayflex® Functional Training System is a super lightweight and ultimate portable exercise device, which fits into your carry bag for home, gym or on the go, and could be set up in seconds whenever you want and virtually anywhere to workout.  The device only weighs 1.3 KG.

The Wayflex® Functional Training System is a commercial grade exercise device and designed to support 600 KG+ (1,320 lbs+) of tensile strength. Reinforced Nylon Straps, Climbing Grade Carabiners and Cam Buckle, Durable Handles, 100% Steel Rings and Clips, and 100% Latex Resistance Bands.

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